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Jóse Manuel Rodríguez

Co-founder of the Spanish Pilates Education School and “Personal & Pilates” Studios, Jose Manuel has more than twelve years experience teaching Pilates. A PMA Certified teacher, he is the first Spaniard who has had exclusive mentoring with Mary Bowen, one of the Elders who studied Pilates with Joseph and Clara Pilates for a very long period of time. Jose Manuel started studying Pilates at Polestar and became a certified teacher shortly afterwards with Elena Bartley. He also attended seminars both in Spain and abroad, given by Elizabeth Larkam, Madeline Black, Moses Urbano, Brett Howard, Shari Berkowitz, Lolita San Miguel, Kevin Bowen, Pat Guyton or Alan Herdman among others. In 2013, he met  Patricia Medros and she transmitted her passion for the Classical Method to him. After five years of a demanding teacher trainer programme and a “close relationship” he was certified by One Pilates Rome. Currently, José is studying Rolfing in the European Rolfing Institute. With a classical style but a scientific background, he has a very close relationship with his students and clients. What distinguishes Jose Manuel is his ease of communication, his ability to make something complex simple and by his infallible intuition about the human body and its movement.

Hervé Baunard

Certified in 2007, Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner, Rolf Movement™ Instructor. Before he became a Certified Rolfer™ he graduated as a teacher of Physical Education and Sports. It was at that time that the Modern Dance was revealed to him.

Thanks to the training of a dancer he discovered the psychosomatic techniques that would help to understand the movement in a different way, mainly with: the Dancing Movement Analysis, Pilates and Feldenkrais. In this way he became the first teacher educator of STOTT-PILATES, in Spain.

Elizabeth Larkam

Elizabeth Larkam is internationally recognized as an innovator of movement education and practice. She pioneered the Pilates Method Alliance® initiative Heroes in Motion® and was awarded the Medal of the Danish Society of Military Medicine in 2010 in recognition of her efforts to improve the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers.

Elizabeth began her Pilates studies in 1985 while teaching dance at Stanford University. A Gold Certified Pilates Method Alliance® teacher, she was educated by the first generation Pilates teachers. Elizabeth co-founded and co-owned Polestar Education. When Balanced Body Pilates Education was founded in 2004, she became a Master Instructor and Mentor, conducting courses throughout the world. Elizabeth is a Feldenkrais® practitioner, certified Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® instructor. She is qualified in Gyrotonic II and Gyrotonic Specialized Equipment. Elizabeth completed the Certification program, Masters of Intuitive Medicine in the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in 2013.

Elizabeth has participated in eight dissection courses taught by master dissectors Carla Stecco at Guben Plastinarium, Gill Hedley in San Francisco and Todd Garcia in Tempe, Arizona. She taught the movement component of dissection courses hosted by Tom Myers and by Balanced Body Pilates.

As a Dancemedicine Pilates Specialist at Center for Sports Medicine, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, 1985–2000, Elizabeth created Pilates protocols for orthopedic, spine, and chronic pain diagnoses. While Director of Pilates & Beyond for Western Athletic Clubs, 2000–2009, she developed the internationally acclaimed Mind & Body Center within The San Francisco Bay Club.

Elizabeth’s book Fascia in Motion: Fascia-focused movement for Pilates (Handspring Publishing, 2017) is a revolutionary book inspired by the most significant publications from fascia research that melds 30 years of Pilates practice with study of the neuromyofascial system. She contributed the chapter ‘Fascia oriented Pilates training’ to the book Fascia in Sport and Movement edited by Robert Schleip (Handspring Publishing, 2015).

Elizabeth was a consulting Pilates Specialist with the San Francisco Ballet and Cirque de Soleil, a lecturer at the University of San Francisco in Exercise and Sports Science, a lecturer at San Francisco State University in Dance, a Fitness Editor for PilatesStyle and a Reebok Master Trainer. She is a media spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise.

Since 1992 Elizabeth has created instructional media for fitness, therapeutic, education and home markets. As program director of Balanced Body Pilates, she developed the instructional video series that launched the Pilates Allegro Reformer and created the Mat with Roller & Ring program, Mat with Rotator Discs, Reebok Core Pilates, BOSU Pilates, and Kinesis Mind Body for Techno Gym. Elizabeth is a Distinguished Instructor on Pilates Anytime with 37 classes ( and 6 workshops on Fusion Pilates EDU ( She choreographs and performs with PilatesPerformance. Her more than 50 Pilates and CoreAlign podcasts as well as her dance that launched Allegro 2 are on

Pat Guyton

Pat is a Master Teacher, published author, featured speaker at medical conferences including the American Academy of Osteopathic Medicine annual convention, Pilates Method Alliance Alumni Board Member, former registered physical medicine assistant and CO United States Gymnastics Federation coach, video collaborator and distinguished teacher at Pilates Anytime, as well as a sought-after ambassador of purposeful Pilates instruction across the globe.

But Pat’s clients and students simply think of her as the perpetually positive, remarkably limber, hardworking, and insightful one with a heart for healing.

Visualizing each session beforehand, and recording notes after every interaction to improve for the next session, Pat crafts tailored, relatable scenarios for each individual. For example, the pilot instantly understands pelvic floor with Pat’s “keep the horizon level and don’t tip the wings.”

Negative language, dogmatic correction, and perfection have no place in Pat’s life or her studio. Every program is crafted to set the individual free, not chain them to an on-site program. Pat develops every move with realistic, heartfelt consideration of the whole person and practical application for their life.

Pat believes exercise should be enjoyed whether that is yoga, riding, running, dance, gardening, or competing in the Olympics. You will hear her say, “You should not need to ‘recover’ from a healthy workout.”

Pat feels fortunate to have found her calling early on and has never strayed from it. Pat lives to care for others.

Shari Berkowitz

A Pilates Teacher of Teachers and scientist with a Master’s in Ergonomics and Biomechanics. Through her company, Shari Berkowitz & The Vertical Workshop, she researches the human body, writes The Pilates Teacher Blog, creates Pilates continuing education products/tools, runs The Vertical Workshop Pilates Teacher Training Program, and teaches workshops and sessions. While Shari’s exercise vocabulary is Classical Pilates, her tools, workshops and sessions are for everyone of every style of Pilates and modality of exercise. Shari’s teaching crosses all boundaries; well beyond her original training with Romana Kryzanowska and teacher training for Power Pilates. Her combined work in science and movement gives her a rich base from which to teach. Shari travels extensively presenting at all of the major Pilates conferences including Power Pilates, Pilates Method Alliance, Pilates on Tour, Pilates Style, Body Mind Spirit Expo and IDEA. Internationally, Shari presents in Switzerland, Turkey, England, Japan, Sweden, Croatia, Italy, Spain and beyond

Zoe Queally

BSc (hons) MCSP SRP, Physiotherapist and specialist in spinal problems and the clinical application of Pilates. Zoe Queally started her career when she qualified as a UK trained Chartered Physiotherapist and has been fine tuning her clinical experience  since 1996. Zoe is a spinal and sports injury specialist and she uses a combination of osteopathy, Neuro-Kinetic Therapy (NKT), “Be – Activated” Muscle activation technique, acupuncture, massage and Pilates to treat her patients. Everyone whom enters the Fisioplus Pilates clinic is first fully assessed so that an appropriate and personalised treatment program can be given to each and every person.  She is one of only a handful of qualified “NKT” and “Be-activated” muscle activation practitioners in Spain. Over the years she has worked in many clinics and hospitals throughout London alongside some of the UK´s top Spinal, Orthopaedic and Neurosurgeons as well as respected Sports Physicians. Since 2003 Zoe has lived in Barcelona, mastered Spanish, and set up Fisioplus Pilates which is dedicated to offering the best possible treatment in English and Spanish. She has also founded the Fisioplus Pilates training program offering top level continuing profesional development (CPD) courses to Physiotherapists and qualified Pilates Instructors across Europe. Currently Zoe also works at The University of Barcelona / EUSES teaching manual therapy and muscle chains biomechanics for their International Physiotherapy degree.



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